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This was a wonderful audio created to go with the understanding on vibration that led me to some of my healing and visualisation audio. When you understand your vibration creates your world, you see life different as you realise that life moulds to your vibration. It is then you go from searching to just be as everything flows to you. The more you vibrate the source, the more the source vibrates that which attracts the source and cleansing those vibrations held from past life and childhood. I have even included some visualisations to try yourself to ignite the flow, stay flowing and clear out attachments that can cause blockages in your vibration. The only reason I haven’t put this on before is that because I didn’t realise the audio was picking up the rocking chair in the background and so made it not perfect but I have tried to get typed up but the energy too strong and so will keep as an audio.  (Just press the black links to download in mp3)
Understanding vibration and how it affects our life. What we vibrate creates our world we live in and by understanding we can change our life.
Vibration al Flow
When we learn that everything that vibrates has a flow, we can then learn to go with the flow and open up to a new world.
Vibration al Lack
The source is abundance and so anything we vibrate that isn’t is lack and so attracts lack. Learn to understand how your vibration of lack creates blockages in life.  
Body signs
The body holds onto negative vibration and is the first place of the signs we have separated from the source.  
Stopping the flow
See how you are stopping  the flow of life, like swimming upstream, instead of down.
Vibration al experience
By learning why we experience vibrating, we can learn to be guided by the source. In the experience we evolve.
Vibration al essence
Becoming the source or essence of the vibration teaches you that when we merge with the source both body and spiritually we attract and cleanse that which doesn’t flow.  
Ignite the flow visualisation
Try this wonderful audio to ignite the flow of the source that is within you.
Stay flowing visualisation
It is easy to be taken back to routine created  by blockages, past programmes and this helps to ensure you keep flowing.
Vibration al attachments visualisation
Want to clear some attachments that are stopping your body flowing, we ll this visualisation helps you to trace the blockages.  
Vibration visualisations
Here is a few visualisations for you to try and get flowing again in the source.
Past, childhood and future healing
Need help clearing your blockages, well I have channel led through healing to help people to do this. This three part healing really helps you to understand and clear a lifetime of negativity trapped on the body that is vibrating lessons to learn.
2 years ago I channel led this important information that really changed the way I looked at life. For many years I was searching for answers and after a few awakenings, I started to see the vibration of the source. A strange situation happened where I was even being shown how our thoughts and vibration,  the world was moulding too. I was worried about a container spilling when was putting some water in for a friend at the camp site. As my fears become apparent the water hit the side of the container and made me wet. This information I had channel led before, made me try an experiment. I detached myself from what the outcome was and low and behold the water just flowed perfectly in the barrel. I know some won’t believe me but it was amazing to see the difference in  flow.  It opened my mind to how may be I had created blockages and by tracing, could find the original vibration in past life and even ones from the future, that we attach to..
A lot of my audio’s were created on the back of this channelling as the information came to light about the vibration of the body. Oneness is the cure is an audio created from the vibration al essence and vibration al flow came from the visualisation I worked on. I had even forgot the ignite the flow and has brought about more ideas for the future.