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Spiritual MOT

Need a tune up or a bit of guidance, well this is for you. We are all looking for some insight or to ensure our energies are flowing and any blockages are cleansed. In this 1 hour session will be assessed and answer short questionnaire to ascertain what is needed for the next hour to get you firing on all four cylinders. The session will work on following areas:

Nature cleanse: Spiritual guidance : Chakra / aura balance : Vibrational alignment:

Take your power back : Blockages removed: Relationship cleanse:

Abundance/Health/wealth/ unconditional love vibration added: Healing:

Merge with source: insights channelled: problems solved: protection and more

Cost: £15 per session for 1 hours.

Ultimate Life pack

This session works on the above (spiritual MOT) and past life vibrational Healing, which will last around 2-½ hours. This total package will create a total cleansing experience and change the the vibration of the body back to being a pure source. Looking for a package that clears not just past life traumas, childhood programming and future fears that we hold onto in the body, then this is the pack for you. You will be guided and given the tools to keep flowing abundance and attract a life you want.

Book in for a session today:

Telephone : 07702044970

Or email


Until experience, you don’t realise how low your energies are

Incredible how much negativity I was holding onto

Gave me spiritual guidance on areas that I couldn’t let go off till steve helped me

Steve was my last chance and wish had been my first choice, in one session I am free.

Like with everything in just have to experience.

The diagram shows past life traumas that the body is holding onto. Once traced you can find the story of the lessons you are holding onto subconsciously and create the mannerisms and fears you hold in this life. When we add negativity in this life, it can trigger to re-create past life illnesses or lessons to attract. Free yourself from vibrations creating .your life. A report on the lifes traumas plus lessons you have brought into this life, childhood clearing of programming you have created in the present from past life and future vibrations of fears for the future, stopping you moving forward.

Cost: £35 per session for 2 to 2-½ hours..

If just want past life vibration al healing then click here for more information.

Spiritual MOT

Plus added spiritual guidance of past life traumas to release highlighting lessons.

Don’t let negativity control your life. Your body is a perfect healer when allowed to heal. Too much negativity and emotional blockages can cause the body to re-create past life illnesses. Stop vibrating lack in your life, get a spiritual cleanse today.