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Spiritual Guidance

For many years I have been giving spiritual guidance to those who needed help on their journey from readings on Ebay, to touring the country with psychic International, paranormal events, business brainstorming, for healing and channelling products like audio’s and e-books. For the last three years I have been using my mediumship to help a land owner not lose his land by channelling his uncle and solicitors. In every day conversation I can be channelling to help those who need a point in right direction.

If your looking for Spiritual guidance and feel you have a particular question, I will ask spirit but please be warned that if experience is needed, then you may not get an answer / what you want or your question isn’t to help you on your journey, spirit may not provide me with an answer.

Please email me with subject heading (RE- spiritual guidance) and I will try and get an answer in 48 hours but you may also get an answer I can’t help. which as a channel, I am in spirit hands.


If you have more than 1 question then please donate for my time or if you would like to donate anyway then that is fine.

There are a few psychics I would recommend for a reading but will depend on what type of readings you would like.

For any information please

Loved ones

For years I have been clearing blockages and guilt to do with loved ones passing, if you would like to book a session to release emotional blockage, stopping you from receiving message from loved ones, then contact me.

Energy is free flowing and so energy
Exchange is needed. Why not share this
Site to others to keep the energy flowing.

Why not learn for yourself and visit my mediumship page for lessons I have channelled to teach people how to.