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Spiritual centre

One of my dreams was to create a spiritual centre for all to share in the experience of the oneness or some say the source. Like being on holiday for three days, you feel a sense of peace and euphoria as nothing seems to phase you in life. Such a place exists and I have found it on numerous occasions, where fear and illusions, don’t exist and everything feels so perfect. To help others find this place I am going to create audio’s and e-books to  the path to peace or really creating your spiritual centre within. After 40 years of experience I suddenly found swimming upstream was no longer needed and once surrendered could allow the flow of my life to unfold. It wasn’t about pleasing or helping people, but one of service, to ignite in all I meet by ‘being’ the source. Try my simple techniques today, to awaken the soul within and hear the soul's inner voice as you allow the body to heal yourself once more. Looking within for answers is possible, many talk about it but few show you how. I have devoted my life to bringing peace to others and now found ways to bring peace to my life. Would you like to experience and feel a new world of peace, then listen to my audio on creating a spiritual centre or work through my e-book on path to peace. By creating your vessel of peace, you allow peace to flow through you and be peace as you separate no more from the source.

Get back to Nature

Nature for me is the greatest gift of cleansing and balancing my life. Even when busy I bring nature to me, once again become one once more. Everyone knows that when been walking in nature, after 20 minutes we become at peace, and if we learn to go one step further, we can merge with everything, and suddenly we see and hear a new world where, the beauty and peace just flow through our heart and soul. It is like igniting heaven's energy on earth once more.

Ask the Source

Soul's inner voice came about through merging with all and seeing the part that everything plays in life, that includes objects, for all has the source energy within it. By learning how to channel, I could help others and myself to see the big picture to why I was creating a life I was. Past life vibrational healing came from walking down the beach and guided to places like Ireland to learn this wonderful cleansing of the soul.

Preparing your vessel, Change your vibration and loads more in creating your spiritual centre.

Book a session Mini sessions 30-45 minutes or full session at 1-½ hours. £10 for mini or full session £15.

If you truly want to create your spiritual centre, why not book me for a session to experience the new world full of unconditional love and peace.

I will take you through some simple exercises to become one with the source and channel insights for your journey. You will receive a channelled page of writing from the source to help you.

Mini sessions are about de stressing, clearing the mind and finding peace in nature. These sessions can be done over an over again when you feel you need to release from problems and emotions in your life.

Full session will include

Cleanse in nature

Cutting ties

Clear emotions and programming

Create place to connect

Source merge

Crystal or rock connecting stone programmed

Ask the source - Message from source

Source message

Book a session

Above is when merged with source and got signs of new world…

Source message in pdf click picture to open..

Many people look for answers in the wrong places, not because of guidance but because of fear. When we learn to be a part of everything that is in the source, fear of not having or having to search for something to make us whole again, is just the source highlighting you have separated. When separated, we allow the illusions and lessons to take hold, to see a world where lack prevails. It is only when you allow the flow of the source once more to flow in the moment, you can see clearly; you are abundant and not lack. Stop sabotaging your life by fearing the unknown and be grateful for all that you have, so more experience is around being one than being separate. For that which isn’t the source is an only lack in perception and fear for good always come out of every situation we create through the vibration we vibrate. There is no lack until you think there is, there is no love until you stop loving yourself. Take back your power and see yourself as a soul with a vessel. The vessel is here to see the beauty in all, to experience the magic through having a vessel and learning to love unconditionally. This is not a dream, but a reality that everything moulds to your vibration and so what you see and think is part of your vibration and conditioning. Let go of false illusions and see the world for what it is, an ever evolving pure energy of joy.

Channelled from the source