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Spiritual Awakening / Ascension
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Why not contact us with your stories of oneness as you spiritually awake.

“Many people are searching for the truth but the secret is to find your own truth and enjoy...” source

The soul gave us a calling to connect once more to who we are..

Now Spiritual awakening is igniting that to prepare their vessels, change mind set becoming one once more as we ascend to bring forth a new world energy to heal  the world.

All we have to do is find our truth, enjoy life in whatever we do. Then we are playing our part in joining once more to the oneness

Ask the source for guidance and captured this picture of beautiful energy. This was the second picture and below was the first picture highlighting the angels was around.

Chalice well near the Tor Glastonbury….

Time we healed the world by looking within for answers, get back to nature, ask the source and find your own truth…

Without realising it I had channel led many products or guided on Soul awakening, vibration, Healing, meditations, the source, mediumship (some are on here for free ) and to see people faces as the connect once more to the source or oneness by freeing themselves from emotional blockages, gave me insight into another world of beauty. That is all around when we open our eyes to the oneness. After four soul awakenings, I decided to look within for answers and “get back to nature”. By “asking the source” I learnt great insights and connections and guided to people who was sharing the source in audio’s / books etc. Now I have created my own to help me on my journey and will share with those looking for answers or their own truth.

Inbox me or book a session or buy some of my audio’s that will help you to see the big picture, be unconditional love, find peace, awaken your soul, and enjoy spiritual awakening / ascension.

Each day my life is evolving with new ideas and sessions to share with people as I learn by channelling the source. I still get caught up in every day life but have the tools to change my thoughts and understand that everything moulds to my vibration. When you realise you are a part of everything, no longer you fear life but start by letting go of what you have created and replacing it with love.

We so easily going into routines of what think should be doing, instead of our soul path. Get back to the moment, let go of the illusion.

List of Products *spiritual awakening/ascension)

Spiritual awakening

Re-connect to soul (awakening)

Get back to nature

Source connection / merge

Ask the source (channel)

New energy new you

Path to Peace

Ignite the light

Take your power back

Cutting ties

Cleanse your aura

Unconditional Love

Problem box

Cleanse blockages

Quit en the mind

Big Picture

Don’t limit your opportunities


Enjoy Life

Like attracts like

Vibrational healing past / childhood/Future


Forgive / feel / let go

Looking outside the box

Life flow

Oneness is the cure

Each one is in a audio or can be booked as a session or 1-2-1…email me for more details

Free MP3 (click word below)

Spiritual awakening (19 min mp3)

Spiritual Awakening Meditation (3 min 58 sec mp3)

Stop illusions (3 min 22 sec mp3)