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Source healing

After 30 years of healing and mediumship, I have found a way to not just self heal but connect to the most amazing connection, that I am going to share with you. The more we tap into the oneness or source we automatically heal our lives. A inner wisdom called Soul’s Inner voice emerges to guide us to share and evolve on our journey. Even if you just want to quiet en the mind, feel good and become peace then this audio is for you. When we ignite the source, we ignite an energy that neutralises and balances the body to become unconditional love once more. This natural healing gets rid of anything not flowing or blocking the flow. It  replace the negative energy with pure vibrant energy to attract more healing. From this we enjoy life as we flow in the endless opportunities to be and let go of our lessons we are vibrating. Experience now your new life, new energy as you become the source once more.

In this audio you will get:

Source Daily Routine (new) 10 minutes mp3

Source Healing - 4 minutes 38 sec mp3

Soul Cleanse   - 3 minutes mp3

Source power - 1 minute 43 sec mp3

Source connect - 5 minutes mp3

Source power cleanse  4 minutes 32 sec mp3

Bonus - source journey audio & oneness experience

Source journey

Awakening, source daily routine, vibration flow, moment of peace, unconditional love, and pure vibration..(50 minutes mp3)

Not finished yet…..

Free - For everyone who donates, I will distantly when paid send the source to ensure you have been ignited and flowing the source.

Oneness is on you tube and some of source journey is on my website but for the full experience then why not buy the pack. or for a total clear out of lessons, past, present and future then contact me about my past life vibrational healing.

Why not book a source Healing session

Cost “20.00 per session (audio included)

Souls Inner voice source Healing

Our lives have become so hectic and emotional, that we are governed by our thoughts, This session will free your mind, body and soul. You will feel good again as you reconnect back to the source.

Souls inner voice healing or source healing is about igniting the core of our soul to become one once again and self heal. There are signs on the body highlighting that you have separated from your inner healing. You have taken on too much negativity or attracting too many lessons, to allow the body to heal itself. By re-aligning the soul, clearing emotional triggers / blockages, freeing the soul to guide once more and giving the body love, you can feel alive again, feel the source flowing through your body, attracting abundance.

The healing session consists of :

Nature energy cleanse - including Soul alignment with body to be the source / oneness

Igniting the source within and healing areas where the flow is lacking or blocked.

Soul Cleanse ( clearing attachments / blockages and energies stopping the connection to s.I.v.)

Source healing / Aura Cleansing ( clearing illusions and false thoughts trapped in aura and protecting )

Source merge - connect to souls inner voice for guidance

Aftercare - nature box, soul cleanse, merge….

Source daily routine

Top up audio - Power cleanse ( boost your energy to stay the source, heal and reconnect. )

Help you from separating from the source

Source complete audio to vibration al flow, moment of peace, merge with source,pure vibration, unconditional love,

Experience the oneness by doing my video on you tube..(or the audio’s.)  the more we are the source, the more we attract the source into our lives.

This is a one off session but top up session will help you to stay feeling good.

For a deeper cleanse, then vibrational healing is advised to rid you of lessons in past, childhood and future.

40 minutes to experience in mp3

50 minutes of the journey

You can go to my donate page and send any amount to receive my full pack and just put title

“ Source healing pack “ and email to say paid and will send you a pdf or ebook & free source ignited healing with all the links to download audios or in the uk can put all on a disc and sent but please add £1 for postage.,

The audio is excellent for source healing, but for those who like the 1-2-1 session that can be done in face to face or over skype., Then why not book me for a session. I will guide you through the journey of becoming one as you let go of the vibration, causing you to attract lack or lessons into your life.