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By accident, I found that one of my meditations helped people to quiet en their mind, one of the aspects that causes us to not be able to sleep. (must have bored them to sleep or got them into the pure state quickly) The other factors involve absorbing too many emotions or negativity ( as healers & mediums )and generally having also much to think about. The body is working hard to let go of a lot of lessons, traumas from past life and attract situations for us to learn in this. Then if we don’t eat right and lack of water causing dehydration, our body will be working not stop just during the day but also at night, trying to release emotions we have held onto. Working in a high-powered job, my mind was still working at night not to forget what I had to do the next day. I used to have a piece of paper and pen at the side of the bed for ideas and items I hadn’t done  but also for my dreams, because I found a lot of lessons came up. Meditation helped me to relax, and I certainly can tell when I haven’t meditated. Programming myself to have a good sleep, did work at times, and if  I didn’t have much time for sleep, used to say it was all that I needed. I often woke up refresh and raring to go. After years of requiring my sleep, with the work I often did, the need for routine when came to bed time was essential. I try not to do anything but sleep in my bedroom, so my body knows when I go to my bedroom, it is that time again. I also learnt that dehydration was a common occurrence and so a pint of warm water helped at night and in the morning. Then tackling emotions and negativity. I created many emotional audio’s, which really helped. Even putting my emotions into an imaginary box before I went to sleep, took away the mind over working. Then either I would do my source daily routine, which cut emotional ties to those who I met, cleansed me in the powerful energy of nature and new energy of abundance, health and wealth. Later to relax the body, I created an audio, that went through the body, changing my tense body to relaxed one. Then last but not least a quick protection audio to keep me cleansed and protected. I was also guided to realise that in our aura (energy field around the body) we hold onto illusions and thoughts, and so this protection cleared that element. With a few angels around the bed and white light, I found I slept really well. (don’t forget to put the protection going to the bath room, incase get up in the middle of the night).

So the key elements clearing emotions, source daily routine to balance the body and chakras. Protection and sleep were introduced into my audio at night. I still get odd nights where my dreams seem never ending but this is mostly around full moon or when I haven’t done my meditation. Why not create your own meditation or visit my product's page and get the pack on sleep.


Why not  buy and download my sleep pack or put on a cd. Also available is my total cleansing meditation pack that balances chakras, emotional cleanse, healing & protection.

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