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For the last few years I have been channelling quotes on Facebook to help people on their journey.  Why not see if any of my quotes resonate with you and help you at this time. I will start putting them on here as most of my quotes I didn’t keep as I felt that they were given to share and let go..It is only because I have received some wonderful feedback as people said how much they have helped that I will be saving the ones for you to look at.
If some trigger a emotion in you, then just let go of the quote and one day you may see why that affected you. Just go to the ones that resonate today and sure if need more guidance the ones that don’t may do tomorrow.  They give insights into the eternal flow source that shares information to help you flow yourself. It helps you to look outside the box .
Quotes from the source
100 quotes with meanings on various subjects such as purpose, moment, flow, inspiration and more to help you on your journey. (Click pdf)
Daily Quotes
Each day I produce quotes for Facebook and will start to put some in a pdf ebook for the week so everyone can enjoy, here is a few quotes I have done early.

‘ Peace comes from being peace ‘

‘ I cannot see the true you, if your trying to be
someone else’

‘ Only we limit our experience...’

‘ Love can only find a open heart...’

‘ You know when sharing love because you feel the amazing energy of peace in your heart..’

‘ Your soul has already chosen peace and the chance to enjoy living, you have already experienced a perfect day till you decide not to trust in your inner guidance..’

‘ Life isn’t always about agreeing with someone’s views but sharing in their vision...’

There is years of quotes on facebook and maybe one day will put them all together,,