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Soul’s Inner Voice...

Through automatic writing / audio’s, healing and experience, I learned to channel from some may call the source but I like to think of it as the “ Soul’s inner voice”. . It showed me a whole new world that changed my life. The realisation for forty years I had been doing the opposite to the flow within me. This automatic guidance, I had noticed from time to time as I learnt to go with the flow, rather than fighting myself, by always searching, sabotaging and vibrating a lack or separating from the real me. A soul with a body to experience and see the beauty in all living things. I have found peace in surrendering and allowing the life I have chosen to be the path. A little like flowing down a river, rather than fighting the current by swimming upstream. By tapping into and becoming this wonderful energy you can stop limiting your life and become a learning machine once more. Every day I am excited by life, attracting more peace into my life and no longer searching for answers but evolving into who I was born, a pure energy. As you become the source, you will feel the joy from being. Even trying to be is a lack and so separating, a big lesson for me. .

Channelled 10/10/14

There is an energy that is part of everything in life. To control it is to stop the flow, to separate is to create lessons on how to not. Every vibration has the source in it but it is what we put to the vibration or our perception that creates the lesson. They say 90% of our thoughts are illusions or have the element of the energy in till we start to add to the message. Often what we think, we don’t know, is creating a lack or allowing our ego to fill in the gaps. Instead of feeling alive, excited and the joy from the experience, we are bombarded with a scenario that felt right at first but is just an illusion al situation that may happen. If your governed by searching for wealth, you may lose sight of your spiritual desires, if spend life on spiritual you may lose the opportunity of material peace. The balance is needed in both cases but then their is another way that goes beyond balance. What if everything is moulding to your vibration and you are apart of everything, then the only time you are lack is when you separate or think you are, thus creating it. Everything you are is because of your thoughts and conditioning of what is good or bad. What if nothing is bad but a fear we hold onto, thus creating a lack that then manifests. Energy is everlasting and so what happens to the shell is only what we perceive we feel or allow to happen. Their is signs of choices we can make and often on a soul level we have chosen lessons to let go of or learn from so we can remember who we are. A spirit or energy with a body. Some animals are here for a short time but can create the most beauty. We all have a part to play, and those who are enlightened, know from simplicity comes great peace. From flowing down a river, it is like the world is coming to us, sharing with us the magic, but if we are frightened we see the lack and fear created by our thinking and perception of not surviving that we stop living and focus on dyeing. The opposite is what life is about. We don’t need to search for love or money or a path to make us complete but recognise it is already inside us. We already have a flowing source of energy that is already flowing to attract us peace and joy. We are just separating from it, through our thoughts, negativity we put out and fears to allow others to create a world we can blame or try and control. It isn’t who we are, just who we think we are. Being controlled by lack or illusion we have created and vibrated to attract. When we enjoy life, life enjoys us. When we see the beauty in others, we see the beauty in us. We share in the unconditional love of just being. We don’t need to play a part, we are the part of a big picture full of magic, beauty and peace. We feel alive because we have learnt to not separate and so attract more of this joy to experience. Changing our vibration to oneness. Take a moment to see around you an object playing its part. I have a crystal, for protection and to channel with. When hold it, it makes me feel that way but when ignite the source, I see millions of years of being connected to the earth, the excitement when first found in the ground, then cleaned and polished. How it is still connected to everything, even though playing its part as a quartz crystal. I can see the wonderful memories of when channel led through or shared insights when held the crystal. Seeing the beauty and knowing that in playing its part it has touched many people and places. I have limited it by using it for channel ling and protection. It is the source and so when tap into it, can feel the connection to other crystals, to the water and earth, to the people who have shared and the joy of being a crystal. It is then that the big picture emerged that I have limited myself by just playing a part and not being all I can be.

I thought my journey was at an end with all that I have learnt and shared but now I realise that my journey has just begun. I am the learning machine once more. I am the source.

So each moment is a new moment to enjoy.

Here are two audio’s channelled which has helped me in my next stage of my journey. They were done on my dicta phone, so are not of the usual quality.

Enjoy life (just click link to download Mp3 format)

Source freedom (just click link to download wma format)

Through channelling or soul’s inner voice, information has come to light highlighting the oneness. Through Monk’s message, I will share insights from my soul of a book created and passed down.

Going to be putting loads on you tube under souls inner voice or monk message, so catch up on latest insights…Don’t forget under free audios there is plenty on oneness, soul awaking, ignite the light within, source meditations and articles that came from souls inner voice.

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If you would like a sentence for your journey why not merge with the source by doing my source merge audio or contact me and I will send you a free sentence from the source.

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Also in articles are ideas and one page information channelled. From the source. You can feel what is guidance..

5 page pdf about channelling from the source. Just click on picture above to download..

More channelled insights from the soul’s inner voice.

Looking for answers

One step to freedom  

I started life as Bradmonk, joining my nickname (bradders) and my old soul a monk who was kept a secret because of his healing and channelling. He wrote a book he had to keep hidden from other monks, he felt was the the message from the source. From time to time I hear this message when helping others or channelling and thought it was for me to do reading but after years of soul searching I realise that channeling is what I love and so when connect, I have a lovely connection to the source which excites, and makes me feel alive. It is then I truly know I am listening to the souls inner voice. This book has been channelled by many to share but not always is accepted. You know when someone is sharing the source by the simple but enlightening energy that resonates from the words. I hope to share more of my journey on you tube in the form of messages, guidance, quotes and meditations do others can experience what I have experienced. For as I share, I feel I evolve and learn more..Now doing monk’s message


Bradmonk on spiritual journey to share insights from the source  (in tintangel cornwall the picture background was taken).