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Path to peace

Why not try our 28 day challenge Souls Inner voice - path to peace workbook.  Over 20 audio’s and 30 pages of information to work through and become peace. Giving you all the tools and knowledge to bring peace to your life and live a life of peace. Or you can book me for 1-2-1 session (Face to face or by phone or skype) to help you release blockages, clear illusions, cleanse emotions and see the bigger picture to situations causing you upset. This session will last between 30-45 minutes with a cleanse in nature for an introductory price of £10.

Path to Peace session - 1-2-1 face to face, over phone or on skype. £10 per session 30-45 minutes.

I will guide you into releasing your blockages, programming from childhood, illusions, emotional turmoil and problems that you just can’t seem to let go of. Become peace as you free yourself from that stopping you from being. If you have done the workbook, you will know that peace is attainable but a little extra help from a person who has brought peace to many lives even in the most difficult of situations. When we realise our vibration creates our reality, then we can start to take control of our dreams and make them happen.

Topics in e-book

Cleanse, using nature perfect balancing energy

Cut ties to the past and future insecurities and fears.

New you, new energy

In the moment, we are free to be who we want to be.

Awaken the souls inner voice

Deal with your problems and insecurities as the body releases

Don't attach to illusions and thoughts creating your life

Stop sabotaging or seperating from abundance with negative thoughts


Take back your power

Focus or illusion


Surrender and allow peace into your life

Big Picture

Do the opposite

Love unconditionally you and others

Be the source

Be of service

Enjoy life and life will enjoy you

Letting go

Playing your part

Source merge

Connect to your place of peace

Power Cleanse

Keep the energy flowing


1. source daily routine

2. cutting ties energy, new you

4. moment of peace

5. awakening

6. problem box

7. picture board

8. letting go

9. take your power back

10. pure vibration

11. forgiveness

12. big picture

13. vib flow

14. unconditional love

15. being the source

16. just let go

17. source merge

18. connect to place

19, power cleanse

20. heavens energy

Audio’s that are in pack in mp3

Introductory price


Why not book a session?

“Peace comes from being”

Each audio takes you through a journey of information or visualizing and releasing by experience the source, with top tips on how to use the information to stay at peace. Struggling to let go, forgive others, be at peace, deal with problems, then this e-book is for you. Through experience and knowledge gained from channel ling and experiencing I have created a e-book to help you become peace. Take your power back and change your life by re-connecting to the inner voice or the souls inner voice. You will soon recognise what is your mind and what is guidance. This 30 page e-book is straight to the point with an audio or information to achieve peace by letting go of that stopping you from being.