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Monk’s Message

Hidden from the world because of his abilities to channel, heal  and see into the future, this monk kept hidden a book he produced that showed a ancient way of living. Once freed he went on a spiritual journey to share his insights with others. Each lifetime the book is channelled in quotes, messages and is information from the soul’s inner voice. The monk can often be seen opening his book when those channel great insights and enlightened thoughts. . All can access, when reconnect once more to the source or the oneness,

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For years I have been a vessel for the monk, learning about my spiritual path, mediumship, vibration al healing, getting back to nature, house cleansing, teaching and developing. But what I enjoy most is the channelling of insights on looking outside the box and seeing the big picture to how life works. By helping others, I have learnt so much for myself. I have been taught about the oneness and all are connected and once you learn to tap into the flow of life, any thing possible and the amount of simple messages, waiting for you to explore. All is one, both spiritual and material, and by choosing one you upset the balance and being that energy apart of all. Only in attaching do we create a lesson to learn, that highlights that we are just separating from who we are, the source. Through insights, messages, quotes and spiritual guidance, I hope to share more of this magical world. Through experience I realised that anything that is shared affects me then I still holding onto an insecurity or fear I need to let go off and now see problems as opportunities to become a clearer vessel.