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Mediumship - ultimate pack

Also available for 1-2-1 sessions in person in nature 2 ½ hours £45.00

Or why not get the pack / courses individually…

Mediumship Pack

This pack gives you insights and techniques to be a medium. With over 5 hours worth of audio plus e-books giving you the complete information to do mediumship the natural way guided by spirit. After 25 years of doing, this pack is experience and channelled information to guide you to become a medium. Within a few days people are connecting with using this pack.  (More info)

Mediumship awaking - Also available is 1-2-1 (in pack too) to clear blockages, awaken your mediumship and get you actual communicating and how to understand messages with spirit, which is done over phone or skype. .  

Cost: £20 plus you get a 1-2-1 session with a medium to actually communicate with spirit and clear any blockages. .

Mediumship Awakening and channelling - 6 weeks course (now online)

Following on from the pack, the realisation that when we merge with the source we can get a clearer connection to spirit. Those who have done the 6 week course, have realised that the key to mediumship is about the topics shown in the course:

Week 1 - Opening the lines of communication & confirmation

Week 2 - Preparing your vessel for advanced connection / protection

Week 3 - Doing readings and receiving messages

Week 4 - Two way experience using mediumship tools

Week 5 - Give what get for clearer message

Week 6 - Many ways of Channelling information

The course consists of actual 6 week information plus audio.s and homework, that after the six weeks you are channelling information from the source and loved ones, that most mediums struggle to do due to emotional blockages.  Once you done the course, then home in on your skills by doing the mediumship pack above. Or why not try the sample beginners mediumship pack below for just £7 with all the favourite visualisations used during the course.

Cost: £25 - Course is for 6 weeks at 12 hours in total. Look out for regular course or email me to add to next course.

Cost £20 - online course now available with audio’s and information in the comfort of your home.

Two six week courses running at the 
Moment but look out for workshops. 
Once six weeks is done look out for 
next class on facebook or website

Beginners Mediumship cd

Beginners mediumship pack (only £7 with 6 week programme included)

This pack is a great introduction to mediumship and channelling in a natural way. Just under a hour long it prepares your vessel to do mediumship automatically with a e-book on step by step and a six week outline to get you prepared and doing mediumship. Just go to the products page for more information.

Cost : £7 for 1 hour audio in mp3 / e-book (order pack 1 to have sent on cd in the post for just £2) see other products in my shop..

Working as a professional medium (brand new starts 13th march 2014)

Always wanted to work full time or have the knowledge how to create your own business doing mediumship readings. This course gives you the inside knowledge on working in the industry, creating a database of clients, getting feedback, marketing yourself and different avenues  

This brand new course is channelled and comes from my own personal experiences which has helped others to work full time.

Cost £25 - Course is for 6 weeks at 9 hours in total. Look out for regular course or email me to add to next course.

Mediumship awakening by phone or 1-2-1 (cost £20)

Feel blocked or mediumship isn’t working so well or struggling to connect to spirit. Then book me for 1-2-1 session, where we will get you communicating once more and clear any blockages. Will take you through an awakening session and get you to actually communicate with spirit. Session normally lasts 30-40 minutes (depending on blocks) more info press link  (click the word link)

Mediumship Home start  - Awaken your mediumship workshop

Workshop available in own home, just get few friends together and book me for 4-½ hour workshop (1-4 people £25 per person or 5 + £20 per person) 9.30am - 2,00pm or times to suit. Experience the connection.

Mediumship awakening
New Home start -

Many ways to experience mediumship (the natural gifted way)

Online free course on you tube…or if cant wait buy now..

The ultimate pack - 1.Mediumship pack, 2.mediumship secrets 3.beginners (includes linking with loved ones), 4. 1-2-1 skype or phone mediumship awakening session 30 minutes (clear blockages and actual communication with spirit)

5. Mediumship online course 6 weeks (mediumship, source connection and channelling, cleanse vessel,  with certificate on completion) and new is 6. platform mediumship (preparing to speak to large audiences)

Cost  £50.00 (usually £90.00 paypal payment to the pack comes in pdf format, where you can download each section as you go along, with email support and certificate when completed.


‘Steve is a wonderful teacher and you can tell he loves what he does. ‘

‘6 weeks and I am now working as a medium’ wow.

‘Great workshop, so much to digest, thanks loved it. ‘

‘Steve been my mentor and even told me I would be doing this full time and I am..’

Each time do pack I get new stuff, love the way you can learn listening to his voice,