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Mediumship awakening / channelling online six week course

Certificate sent in pdf form once completed course

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Also available id beginners audio on cd, which covers the basics in mediumship.

mediumship info/pack

Old courses done

The demand for this course has led me to do an online six-week course in developing your mediumship / channelling abilities. This is for beginners and advanced in creating a clearer and new way of channelling information through the natural way or soul to soul way. Still using the traditional methods of mediumship but enhanced in working on preparing your vessel, protection and awakening the connection we all have within us for guidance. In the week, three you will be actually communicating with spirit / loved ones that most courses can’t deliver in six weeks. After, six courses, here some of the feedback I have received.  Both sides of my family was mediums and through channelling I created online packs for audios. After 30 years of doing, I decided to ask spirit how and they guide me in the quickest way to train people up. Through my hard work, you get the simple version but only those who work hard will attain a clear connection to spirit.


Hi steve just wanted to tell you about my progress already!! ...a friend turned up out the blue and I had an urge to tell her something I wasnt quite sure so I asked for something and she gave me her leather gloves! ...lets just say we were both amazed.... xx

Can’t believe in six weeks, I can communicate with spirit and do readings now, thanks for all your support, especially non believer.

Wow, recommend this course anyone, steve great teacher.

Done courses in the past but this one actually worked, and been sleeping better now I know how to protect.

Steve you have been an amazing teacher, tutor, mentor I have enjoyed the course and learned so much and something that will stay with me forever I still listen to the audio now and will hopefully stay in touch and hope to attend events and classes in the future thank you so much for everything I must admit I miss the weekly emails waiting for the next session take care T

Thank you for creating your online mediumship course Steve, the exercises and audios have helped so much in developing me further. M

thank you so much .... and for the course. It was truly amazing ... you've opened me for mediumship. I will be eternally grateful . C

Course Outline

Week 1 - Opening the lines of communication & confirmation

Week 2 - Preparing your vessel for advanced connection / protection

Week 3 - Doing readings and receiving messages

Week 4 - Two way experience using mediumship tools

Week 5 - Give what get for clearer message

Week 6 - Many ways of Channelling information

I will send you the complete six weeks course by email or can send every Sunday, you will be emailed a topic plus audio’s to do the week course and homework. You can email me anytime with questions but most answers will be answered by doing the course. We started our first course on 21st july 2014 with feedback from course above. This course was created from many successful courses done at the local coffee shop but due to my son living with me full time I have now created online.

Why not join our facebook page to share with like minded people who have done the course, doing the course or are interested.

Topics covered

Cleansing in nature : Connecting to source

Programming and igniting crystal or stone to connect to source:

Creating a place to connect :Meditation for energy source

Freestyle : Confirmation signs: Cut ties to past, present & future

Problem box; Merge with source: Create own meditation

Release emotions: Protection and sealing : take power back:

Messages all around us: how to do readings: questions to ask: tools:

Responsibility: mediumship awakening: linking to loved ones:

Psychometry: tracing messages: perceptions: journey room (all senses)

Symbols: automatic writing: messages: what source or mind?:


Some of the above are repeated to ensure a good connection to spirit. After six weeks you will have all the tools and knowledge and a place with like minded people to practise who are doing or have done course.

o pay just donate £20 on the paypal link above or at products page.

This is like no other mediumship because it prepares your vessel, learn to channel through source and do mediumship. In week three you will be communicating with spirit and opportunities to connect to loved ones with my mediumship awakening. Any blockages I will clear for you, as some people find it hard. The hardest part is letting go and allowing spirit to work with you, but remember you are in charge.  

I do a lot of 1-2-1 work on an individual or small group basis to help get up to scratch. You can hire me for as little as £15.00 per hour, This can also be done over skype.