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Linking with loved ones

Linking with loved ones, even most mediums find hard, due to the emotional connection or link which the body rejects connection for fear of receiving pain. After losing my Nan, I couldn’t get a message from her for three months till I channel led through how to. This new insight, has given me the tools to help others to release the emotional block and let go of only this connection. Once the guilt or emotional block is released, a new connection of unconditional love emerges and realisation you never lose those who have passed on as memories of good times start to appear. Then we can celebrate their life and the contribution they made and start a new life or connection as they guide us. My Nan helps me to develop others in development circles and her symbol / sign of a huge hug, as she shakes me, lets me know when she is around.

Why not book me for telephone or skype or face to face session, to clear your blockage, get a message from spirit and celebrate a new connection with loved ones.

You could also try my audio on linking to loved ones, that has helped many to connect.

To book just donate £15.00 and email me at to arrange a time or session which will last around 30 minutes. (Depending on information, could take up to an hour)

Some take 20 years to hear a message from loved ones, get yours today.  

4 min you tube on linking with loved ones