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House Cleansing unwanted guests

Guided by spirit, I have been doing house cleansing for many years. Not all mediums know how to cleanse a home. With working in paranormal for fifteen years, I learnt a lot about energy and reasons that spirit remain connected to the earth plane. A lot of my house cleansing are done distantly where I sen my soul and friends who have passed on to help in often extreme cases. There is always a reason why a place is haunted and this is the key to helping and removing spirit. From warehouses, to shops and hundreds of homes, I give you the tools and knowledge to keep your home cleansed and family safe. Because can take a few days to clear and I will also be affected by sending the soul, I asked those that once made mind up, don’t change because my life will be affected as they try and stop me helping. Simple but effective techniques are used and taught to keep your home cleansed. My original website with e=book for sale, has gone down So I am transferring everything to one site.

Rates: quick nature cleanse is free  (only includes place)

Cleanse and family cleanse                                                                   £10.00

Cleanse plus spirit removal  (distance or face to face  visit)            £20.00

Cleanse plus spirit removal and family cleanse                                 £30.00

Attachment  / spirit removal and after care                                            £40.00

Can do most from a distance with report on who is in your home. If you would like me to travel then travel expenses will have to be sorted first. I am based in Portsmouth PO7.

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