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Ignite the light within
This ebook was channelled after created soul awakening audio and is a follow on. With quotes and information about a lot of topics that I had been asking questions about, with my own experiences.
Pdf 105 pages
Just click pdf to download Ebook
Eternal flow insights
This ebook has insights on blockages, vibrational flow, moment of peace, awakening, Pure vibe, highlighting the audio created to help you find peace. .
Peace at last
This ebook gives you insights into peace at last, how to cleanse by bringing in nature energy and insights to help you flow in life. This highlights how the source routine really works.
Mediumship insights
The secrets to mediumship, that is part of my mediumship complete pack that helps anyone communicate with spirit.
Past life workshop
This ebook highlights the course I do on past life healing that has grown into a whole mind, body and spirit cleansing. Learn to heal the blockages in yours and others life.
Life flow course (coming soon)
It is when we flow ,  we learn to access the source or eternal flow of life. Negativity doesn’t attach to that which is flowing. As`we prepare the body to become the vessel of peace.