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All our insights are channel led from the source. Through our meditations and visualisations, we are able to clear away the thoughts that stop the connection. Once flowing, we receive wonderful thoughts and ideas to share with others. We try to keep the ego from changing the insights to one of ourselves. After years of working in many fields of work and also as a medium, guiding people, I realised that there was a natural connection that came through and it helped to guide others to look at the bigger picture to why things happened. We get so caught up in routines and conditioning that we vibrate every day a different world to what we born to. I hope you will see odd glimpses of heaven on earth as a new world full of love is shared with others. The audio’s can be played by clicking the links or saved to be played later. The e-books are short pages of information that has been shared on a daily basis. Please rather than share the insights, why not send friends to the site to feel the energy that we have created. The list of insights are below and more will be added as I channel or experience.

• Blockages - releasing the past, present and future

• Vibration al Flow

• Moment of Peace

• Soul Awakening

• Pure Vibe ( vibration )

• Angel calling

• 7 steps to Peace

• Quotes from the source

• Ignite the light within

• awakening

We have created Audio’s and E-books to highlight and give insights to those wanting to share. After years of channelling I felt I had to share some of this with yourself and is why I have created a site.  I don’t claim that any of it will change your life but if one part, plants a seed for you to blossom at the right time, I feel that my journey will be of benefit. When in the source you can truly find your inner peace. Guided to wonderful experiences and become one with life. A lot of my work is just channel led but actual experience as I tested out the ideas given to me. The are all in mp3 or in pdf format, that can be opened at the site or downloaded.

Loads of articles have been put on that came from ideas and thoughts I was having at the time and wanted answers to. All channelled but you can feel the difference in ones from the source and those about material need for answers. Look out for quotes on facebook and more articles.
Insights helps us to look at life, while we feel the energy of the experience. When you resonate with something you can feel\ the love that helps heal your pain. I hope you find joy and peace from trying out the audio’s and e-books. As they have ignited the source within me. I have though sharing seen so many benefit from the audio’s that have cleansed the soul and body. How it has ignited people to help with illnesses that negativity has created. Our thoughts create our reality and if by learning not to attach to the negativity will enhance your life, then you have learned something.

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