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change your life calling

The only person who can change your life is you and the one thing I have learnt is that when people are ready to stop blaming others and want to search for answers, they may be able to change their life’s. I am going to share audio’s and information that has changed my life in the hope you can resonate with some of it to change your life. I have been helping many for years to look outside the box or see the bigger picture to what vibrated because everything moulds to your vibration, Through experience we can understand the journey we have created. When I channel their is information that comes through for answers and also  what I call soul inner voice which is often profound and uplifting. I wish sometimes I could just talk straight from them because it all makes senses as I see the big picture. I do get this when automatic writing which is when put pen to paper and let them write but this happens on add occasions. I am not a writer, I do enjoy audio’s because it is how I communicate but I will put in here writing, so please bear with me and see past the spelling and grammar because when channel led the energy will ignite you and the odd word.

Total Meditation

First of all I had to help myself and so created a meditation pack. It consisted of chakra (energy points in the body that if one is out of line, they are all out of line.) Then I went on to releasing my emotional baggage that meant I couldn’t think straight. I was then guided to ignite to heal myself, as I realised that my body was holding onto negative illusions, creating illnesses. Protection came next to stop absorbing others worries and fears because I was taking on their vibrations. Then I felt I needed more peace and created Soul peace meditation. From time to time I still use these and makes such a difference. (Buy at shop or more info)

Soul awakening

I was at a low point, looking for a new life and came down south to find me again. I noticed when walking along the beach that odd thoughts or answers I wanted to know about my life, started to appear. Even a way to heal myself with a new healing called “vibration al healing”. Looking at past, childhood, future and rebuilding the energy of the body that was misaligned. This evolved after a trip to Ireland and I now teach to others. I was shown how nature was the best balancer and the effects it can have on people. The insights I got from walking down the beach are on my audio page under soul awakening (click link - 2 hrs mp3 you can download for free or listen to).

Ignite the Light within

After a year of channelling and listening to audio’s I channelled in 4 days a 105 page e-book. Some highlighted the source and some ideas that came through for me.  (Ignite the light ebook , click link ebook for free download)


Then I realised that when connected to the source, I was getting profound messages from what I perceive as the source or now see as the soul inner voice, because it had no ego and was simple information that felt right. I wanted to be connected more and so came about audio’s to prepare my vessel to be a clearer channel and to realise what was stopping me from channelling at times. Even though the audio awakening came after, I have included that in my free audio’s. I was asked to create for the 11.11 shift and this is what they created. The source daily routine changed my life by cleansing in nature, removing negativity, quiet en the mind and putting in new vibration to attract a new life. This then released a lot of insecurities and fears and so they created moment of peace, the realisation that anything to do with past and future I was thinking about took me away from the source, so this audio helped me to get back to the moment where we truly order our life, for if we enjoy the moment we create more magic moments. Really helped when  my mind was over working and thinking of stuff that hasn’t even happened. I then went to learn that of we tried too hard or was thinking a lot about negativity or fears, that we wasn’t flowing, which stopped us automatically being the source and so they created Vibrational flow audio. As soon as I was flowing again, I found opportunities to appear more. Then what came up was that the body needs love, often what we are wanting is to feel love. Just by saying I love myself x 10 and I m peace x 10, it brought the body and soul in line. So the audio unconditional love (in my shop)came about which is different to just love, that is a need or lesson in love. Unless done the other audio’s then I wouldn’t do this one first because It is very powerful in releasing emotions. The more I was doing these audio’s the more I saw odd glimpses of the source. I was channelling better and feeling more alive. I wondered if could stay being the source and so created pure vibration. This was amazing because when merged with nature, answers came back quicker because they had no blockages or affected parts of my body that rejected the connection.  Everything started to fall into place, life was flowing and things I didn’t want to do, got taken away automatically. This opened my eyes to a whole new world where the realisation that I had been swimming upstream instead of going with the flow. This brought a lot of peace to my life. The oneness not only cured my life but lessened my insecurities and fears. This evolved my quotes into quotes that really helped me and others to think outside the box, some didn’t get the quotes but may be at that time it wasn’t for them because often I would spot some information that came to me at the right time.

Souls Inner voice - path to peace

With peace in my life, I realised that for all my life trying to help others, so I could learn to help myself brought about this 30 page e-book the path to peace,  (you can buy, click link) with all the audio;s that had been created to bring peace to my life, because I realised I truly understood it more through experience, it ignited in me a calling to ignite others. The vibration al healing had taken off and became more about te body healing itself.  I started to learn to just be the source and people was finding their own answers, once they felt it too. This was truly inspirational to me that I could help by just being the source. I had limited my life through my thoughts and vibration. Doing the opposite of my thoughts, brought about a new way of life. Understanding the flow and from searching for the path, being the path became my life. It even goes further when look into it and you realise everything is one energy, on;y when separate, we create a lack to learn from. I have found I am at the beginning of my journey and being a learning machine once more as I see not only the part people play but a new world of the source in everything. It reminds me how as a young lad and teenager how I just enjoyed life. How life excited me and the joy that came from it. I could see the good in everyone and didn’t fixate on the bad, that I now know good comes out of. I no longer  limit myself with trying to be just spiritual, when realise the material has just as much a part to play in the balance and when you go one stage further, the source is part of everything and only our vibration creates it into what it is. Look out for more information on my souls inner voice page. (Click link).

Vibrational healing

Deals with past life that creates our lessons or mannerisms in this life, that we then create programming in childhood to learn in this life. Then also work on fears in the future and rebuilding parts of our body affected by the blockages / negativity we hold onto that stops the body healing itself. This powerful healing uses nature and free the body to heal itself. Then we work on the present life insecurities and fears that we attract from others to ignite and let go of in this life. With the tools and knowledge to become a new energy and how to deal with situations and people we are vibrating to teach us lessons. This is always evolving with new techniques to help people to change their vibration. (More info or buy at shop click link).

In teaching and learning from this wonderful healing I have become a clearer connection or realised who I am, I am just the middle guy, who is enjoying a journey by sharing my experiences, fascinated by the world and people. By sharing I hope that you will find peace as I have through the turmoil, soul searching and sometimes lonely place as I have separated for so long from who I am, a spirit with a body. Time to enjoy the simplicity of life and be humbled by its beauty. Took a lot of pain to find peace and I’m sure plenty more to understand what I am vibrating but with the tools in hand I am ready for any challenge.

Learning to love life, has shown me the new world, merging with it has brought about new energy and why I have created new energy new you audio. By being the source, we open our eyes to being connected and this automatically cleanses and flows in opportunities. The audio heavens energy, has brought about the energy of the pure connection and with my power cleanse, keeps me flowing, even when I am absorbing energies through choice. By creating a place like in mediumship, I can stay more of the source through out the day, which leads me to find more joy and peace in my life. The souls inner voice channelling is showing me the limits I have imposed on my life. (Visit shop to buy these audio’s).

The next stage being channelled is spiritual awakening and spiritual ascension, highlighting new energy and preparing the body to accept this to become one with yourself and others to create the new energy needed to heal the planet and ourselves. Here is a part of ascension.

Enjoy life (just click link to download Mp3 format)

Source freedom (just click link to download wma format)

Glastonbury tour where I asked for an angel to appear, as I opened once more to channelling from the source.