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Energy exchange is very important to the flow of life.  If everyone does not keep the flow going, then life will become stagnant and peace will struggle to flow. There is many ways you can get involved and even just send love to  the site will help the flow. There is a lot of negativity and emotions that need releasing and we hopefully will\ be teaching people to become a vessel of peace. We know so many benefits from the treatment that has been channel led that we are trying to share it with the world Please respect others in your thoughts and share insights that you feel make you feel alive. For then you know it comes from the source and not an illusion your helping. By sending peace to the world , you are increasing the vibration and so your part is so important. By learning to understand your thoughts and vibration, you will help so many around you. By being a vessel of peace you will share with others the vibration to bring peace to all you meet.

Energy Exchange

Angel calling example

When I was in a pub and a beautiful child which had four kidneys was needing some help and even the father said we need a miracle or hands on healer, this coming from a person who didn't even know about hands on healing triggered me to realise I must help. Forgetting about it, I felt ever so drained and left the premises. I was followed out by a family member who had a big grin on her face. She said she saw 5 bright figures around the child and a chord of energy coming from me. This confirmed to me that when I was guided and said to those helping to use me as a vessel as free will was important that I had got my answer that those I helped was helped by higher entities. Even though I feel we are all one, some may call them angels. For I do believe when we send from the soul the calling for true guidance and help in difficult times we are sent a higher energy to create situations and people to help. Even though I wouldn't call myself an angel, I do feel blessed to be sent places to help. Angels will help with all areas of your life, when you learn to share and ask.

Angel calling
Calling upon the help of angels wasn't something I ever thought of doing but seemed to just happen. The amazing things they can help you with, always still gets my heart racing. With doing distance healing on those I felt needed help, always inspired me to eventually doing healing. I soon realised that these pure energies could do a far better job in bringing peace than me. They have no limit to the amazing work they can do. As long as experience is not needed or changing someone's future then calling upon an angel, can bring about miracles that you and I would be limited to do, because of our thoughts. We limit our potential in human form and even what we can achieve by our conditioning. I have been sent many places of despair, and at that moment when you are saying the right thing or just supporting someone through difficult times or getting them to see life a little different, you know you are guided by an angel. I think a lot of people when pray, call upon angels for answers without knowing. It is lovely to see the connections on how they work their magic. Bringing people together or send earth angels to do their bidding where they cannot intervene. For all angels have to be called upon to help.
Angel Calling
A 7 page e-book highlighting angel call, how to send an angel and more. Anyone who wants an insight in to working and hearing the call of angels will find this very interesting.
If you would like an angel to help you why not inbox me