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What we believe

I believe when we all find the inner calling, we start to realise  there is a beautiful place that we all can access. By having the tools and knowledge, we are able to gain access and learn that often it is when we are not connected that we attract problems to show we have separated to learn. Eventually, we will realise that material and spiritual are one, and that it is only the attachments to our situations that attract lessons. Everyone has the right to share unless, they are sharing too much negativity. Everyone has the right to listen or to share until by doing that affects others. When both are one, then negativity cannot be shared as love replaces this. In the source, we see the good in others and the part they are here to play and so can accept them for whom they are and not what we want them to be, which is just a reflection of our insecurities.In enjoying we bypass all our fears, insecurities and lack we have created and enjoy just being .

Our work

Through my life experiences and channel led insights I have collated this information to share with you. I feel I have been guided too many jobs to pick up the necessary understanding and skills  to

share. The realisation that when we bring spiritual

and business as one, we see the source in

everything as we are guided by the soul. Get in touch

With your inner self and learn to hear the souls

Inner voice. Then you realise that going with the

flow enhances your life and you can access

anything as you are a part of everything.

I have helped thousands to see a new way of

looking at life, shared in self healing and

distance healing. The realisation that when you

learn to be a vessel, you create a peaceful

environment, friendships and life.

I work from home and like to visit the sea for

insights and release emotional ties from my day

to day life. I have been involved in a few high

powered jobs, very stressful jobs and helped many

businesses to look outside the box. I hope one

Day to set up a  spiritual centre for all to share in

the experience. I am joining forces with many

like minded people and hope one day to have

the funding to help others either at a centre or

create a sanctuary at home.

Enclosed is some of the techniques I have acquired through channel led information reflecting on my life and experience of trying guided techniques. Working most of my life with children has opened my eyes to a pure connection. Seeing through the eyes of children

helps us to enjoy life.

About me

The web site is full of information gained through channel ling information to help ourselves and the world. By playing our part we hope to be vibrating an energy that will bring peace to ourselves and others.

For if we are not peace ourselves, we cannot hope to help

others find peace. So to learn how to vibrate

that which we want from life is really

Important. What we vibrate, creates our

world and others as we play our part.

To help others we must first become

the vessel of peace to share. This is

our goal to help others be help themselves

to be peace. In the sharing we evolve.

Eternal flow

Contact us

email me



http://www.housecleansingunwantedguests. com

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