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“ Gift to the world ”

After a life of looking for answers, I asked while walking along the beach, what gift could I give to the world. Before, it was all about me but this simple question opened a world of channel ed information from the source. A new world of unconditional love where:

‘oneness is the cure’.

The realisation that I had spent my life swimming upstream, pleasing, proving and trying to fit in as I sabotaged my life by not going with the flow of the source ( energy of life). By surrendering to the current or vibration, I saw times where the source or eternal flow that  flowed through me as I enjoyed the experience. I saw connections of being the path and no longer searching for the path.

In sharing I hope you become the path also, a world that everyone can access and probably have without knowing.

To see through the eyes of children  and

share ‘ a gift to the world', in playing your

part. By becoming a vessel of peace and

gaining access the source to share. All I ask

of those who enter the site, get into

the source by saying to yourself.

I love myself x 10, and I am peace x 10

to experience truly being in

the source.                                                             

Picture: asking the source
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After years of searching, I eventually found a place to channel insights from. Eternal flow represents the evolving process of learning through sharing with what I call the soul’s inner voice or some may say the source.  I am sharing some insights and ideas, which have been shared with me on the journey of the soul’s awakening. If some of this you can take, then I have played my part.